2024 Jiu Jitsu Camp
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Immerse yourself in the heart of Brazilian jiu jitsu with our exclusive camp nestled in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, slated for November 2024.

Whether you're an older hobbyist or a young competitor, you'll gain knowledge and skill with a seasoned black belt instructor, amidst the backdrop of Rio's iconic beaches and lush landscapes. Join us for an unforgettable journey of technique, culture, and camaraderie in the spiritual home of Brazilian jiu jitsu.

What's included?

The camp will cost $1200 per person which includes accomodation and training. Accomodations are in a newly renovated apartment in Laranjeiras, close to shops and restaurants. There is a washing machine for your gi, and Wifi, of course.

There will be 6 days of jiu jitsu classes, morning and evening (morning only on Sunday) with Tuesday being devoted to nogi. The camp is limited to 12 participants, so you'll get plenty of personal attention from the instructor. The training will be at Jean Jacques Machado's gym, a short walk away.

Meals are not included, though there are many affordable places to eat nearby, and there is a kitchen, so getting groceries and making meals is an option, too.

Private Pool at the triplex Kitchen available